Helen - Prof kreatives schreiben - London

Ultimative Lehrkraft-Auswahl. Qualität des Profils, ausgezeichneter Abschluss und eine garantierte Antwort. Helen wird den ersten Kreatives Schreiben Kurs organisieren.


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Helen - Prof kreatives schreiben - London
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58 €

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1. Unterrichtseinheit gratis!

1. Unterrichtseinheit gratis!

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Watch my video, qualified native English teacher with a Master's degree in English teaching/Linguistics, Australia, 8 years of experience

Ort des Kurses

Superprof - Botschafter

Diese Lehrkraft gehört zu den Besten - qualifiziert, erfahren und eine garantierte Antwort. Helen wird Deinen ersten Kurs in Kreatives Schreiben sorgfältig planen.

Erfahre mehr über Helen

Being an English teacher is my occupation and vocation. I am a Master of Arts in English teaching and Applied Linguistics, Griffith University, Australia. After graduation, I taught at Griffith University and a variety of language academies in Australia, England, Scotland, Spain in addition to being a private tutor. Overall, I've spent 8 years teaching students from different countries, cultural backgrounds, levels of proficiency and age groups.

In my teaching, I follow an effective method mastered during my studies and teaching practice - a communicative student-centred approach. It means I don't explain grammar and vocabulary in a traditional way. Instead, I make YOU think, reflect, realise, learn and arrive at conclusions not just receive given results from the teacher. I put you in the centre and help you to feel the language, comprehend its core and the way it functions.

During the classes, we will have a lot of practical work, so you will learn how to behave appropriately in any real-life situation. In other words, you'll be able to cope with whatever life throws at you in English.

Moreover, I pay a lot of attention to your pronunciation: I will correct your sounds and meticulously work on the improvement of your accent until it's native-like. I can teach you four distinct types of English accents: British, Australian, American and Canadian since creation and modelling of native English accents is one of my key areas of expertise. The only thing left for you to do is to choose which accent you would like to become an expert in :)

There is always a specific home assignment after every class in order to reinforce the acquired skills. In addition, every month a test class based on your individual requirements is conducted so we can clearly monitor the course of your progress and readjust it if necessary.

Furthermore, some classes are innovative and represent cutting-edge achievements in English teaching. They are called visual thematic speaking development sessions. The grammar and vocabulary used in these classes are smoothly woven into the fabric of the British, Australian, American and Canadian cultural topics.

The feedback I’ve been getting from these extraordinary classes is more than satisfying - my students not only find them fun, unusual and top-notch, but also surprisingly simple and strikingly memorable. I'd be glad to introduce YOU to the exciting world of visual thematic learning - after you try it out, your learning experience will never be the same.

P.S. Check out my video CVs in English and Spanish languages via my youtube channel helenoz.

In addition, take a look at my interview responses in the bottom of the page after the "recommendations" section - you'll find loads of handy information there!

In my article: "In your opinion, what does it take to be a successful English speaker?" I give 11 useful tips. I came up with them over the years thanks to my teaching practice and students' feedback.

I recently compiled my personal reflection "Alice in Wonderland" for my students to help them learn as many helpful phrases as possible in the easiest and quickest way possible from just one source.

It contains more than 100 (!) phrasal verbs, collocations, set expressions, phrases and idioms, which I meticulously hand-picked. All of them are widely used and up to date. Moreover, they are exceptionally easy to remember thanks to the context I’ve put them in. And there is no need to jump all over the net and navigate through dozens of websites to find the expressions/idioms – they are already at your fingertips.

So, make sure you check them out and if you liked the reflection, get in touch straight away :) I have ​heaps of​ ​fun and extraordinary activities related to it, which will significantly ​boost up your vocabulary and greatly improve your English speaking skills.

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Über den Kurs

  • Oberstufe (Klasse 11-13)
  • Hauptschule
  • Realschule
  • +6
  • Niveaus :

    Oberstufe (Klasse 11-13)





    Master / Magister




  • Französisch
  • Portugiesisch
  • Spanisch
  • +6

Alle verfügbaren Sprachen für diesen Kurs :










If I choose you as my student and you choose me as your teacher, I will address all of your English language needs to the best of my ability. That's why you'll be able to reach your goals with me in the shortest amount of time possible.

My qualifications, level of proficiency, experience, results of my teaching and time/effort invested in tailoring the classes to your specific needs ensure your tangible progress. My personality contributes immensely as well - I am friendly, understanding, considerate and supportive. I know where to encourage you more and where to let you absorb the knowledge at your own pace. You can be sure that with me you'll easily gain confidence, open up and practice your English in everyday real-life situations without anything holding you back.

Therefore, whether you would like to become fluent in English for personal or professional reasons, study or work in a foreign country - give it a go, you will be satisfied with your decision.

In terms of online classes, it has been widely acknowledged that they go very well and are exceptionally convenient. Even though I was teaching face-to-face when I first started giving classes, in a short amount of time I completely switched to online teaching since my students and I came to a conclusion that online classes were much more efficient due to the advantages they offer:

- The comfort of your home as a place of studying;

- A flexible schedule as there is no need to commute;

- A possibility to continue with your classes even if you move to a different city/country or travel a lot on a regular basis;

- And many more, the list goes on :)

Last but not least - in order for your learning process to be successful, you'll need to have an excellent internet connection and a laptop (e.g. MacBook Pro, Samsung Notebook 9, etc.). I’m sure you understand that the classes can not be conducted via tablet computers, smartphones (e.g. iPads, iPhones, etc.) or if the internet connection is poor.

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  • 58 €

Degressive Tarife

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  • 10 Stunden: 583 €


  • 58€/h

Gratis Einheiten

Der erste angebotene Kurs ermöglicht es Dir, Deine Lehrkraft kennenzulernen, damit Sie Deinen Bedürfnissen optimal erfüllen kann.

  • 30min

Nähere Details

Classes are taught to ADULTS ONLY (20 years old and older). Therefore, please note that lesson requests from parents who are looking for a tutor for their underage children will NOT be considered.

Classes are conducted EXCLUSIVELY online via Skype. The duration of a free introductory class is 20 minutes, so we will have enough time to discuss any questions you may have.

The duration of any type of class is 50min.

Types of classes:

- Business English classes

- Academic English classes (oral and written communication skills)

- Visual thematic speaking sessions

- Pronunciation correction / improvement

- Accent reduction

- Creation and modeling of native English accents: British, Australian, American, Canadian

- Preparation for any types of job interviews (from standard to complex)

- Elaborate and multi-stage creation of professional video / audio / written CVs and cover letters

- General English classes

- Vocabulary / grammar development classes

- Conversation classes

Exam preparations: IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge exams => FCE, CAE, CPE.

I have vast experience in creating effective and individual exam preparation programs for students of all levels, but please keep in mind that the minimum amount of time required to successfully complete any exam preparation is 2-3 months - practice clearly demonstrates that smaller time periods are insufficient to become a game-changer.

Please keep in mind that if you’d like your results to be tangible and sustainable, you should commit to having at least 2-3 classes per week. Think of mastering your English language skills as training your muscles - are you going to be able to gain any noticeable muscle strength going to the gym just once per week? Not likely. Without a strong commitment, your muscles are going to quickly forget any training they underwent. The same applies to your English skills. That’s why the minimum amount of classes conducted per week is 2.

I’m looking forward to helping you to achieve your English language goals :)

Helen Video

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